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Telltale   "Tails"

How is your cat feeling? Observe that language of the cat's tail! Waving tails can mean many things. A cat's wagging tail, unlike a dog's, doesn't mean that a cat is friendly. In fact, it usually means quite the opposite! Relaxed tails mean that kitty is also relaxed and feeling pretty much at ease. Upright tails usually greet cat owners when they return home after a day at work. Aggressive tail signals are important to recognize. A swishing tail is something to watch out for. Tail frenzy means WATCH OUT! A bristling tail held upright, arched or curved is an obvious sign of trouble. Submissive tails can also resemble aggressive tails. If the tail is held low to the ground this may be your only clue that your cat is expressing submission instead of aggression. Tails between the legs is the most traditional submissive pose. Inquistive tails are fun to watch. Kittys will prance around with tails pointed straight up. And balancing tails are just that. Cats use their tails to help distribute their weight properly when needed. Take a few moments yourself and observe how your feline uses her tail to send you a message. Be careful not to miss it!

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Cat's   Rule!

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself! I am Theopolis or just "Theo" for short. I am an eleven year old sealpoint siamese. I live with 5 other cats who are quite cool but not near as cool as me. I also tolerate 3 dogs, 5 birds, and a ferret. Thank goodness the birds and ferret are in cages. Now if they would just do something about those dogs!

I own two humans, one of which has adopted my name for use as a Tripod Cat Pod Host. You can contact this human at the email addy on the top left or you can find her in the Cat Pod. SiTheo and her husband are great cat people but for some reason they also like other animals. This is strange to me cause I firmly believe that cats rule! Oh well, these other critters do make us cats look good thats for sure.

Some humans say that siamese are a mean breed of cat. You can ask my humans and they will tell you thats a lie! I like nothing better than a warm human to sleep on. Or a human hand to rub my head and back. I like to snuggle close and ~purrrr~ through a good rubbing! And if they stop too soon, I'll just find that hand and give it a wet nose nudge! That usually is good for a few more rubs at least. Well, enough about me for now. My human has to have the computer for awhile. Catch you in the Cat Pod!

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