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"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as the eagles;..." Isaiah 40:31

For my husband...
"I never thought our love
could be more special than what we felt
when we first started out,
But all that we've experienced together-
our times of joy and trouble, hope and doubt-
Has only helped to deepen our commitment and brought us
even closer than before-
With each and every day we share,
with every year that passes,
I need you and I love you even more."

A Little About Shorty
Shorty and I share alot of the same interests.
I guess thats why the Lord put us together.
We hunt together, and we fish together, sometimes.
Hes not as dedicated to fish as he is to deer.
He is a native of TN, and as such, the cold
temperatures of WI during deer season tend to
bother him quicker. Yet, every year, he toughs
it out with me in WI. Always waiting for that
elusive buck but sometimes only hanging in there
for me. Shorty also has a tremendous love for and
fascination with eagles. He has just about
everything in "eagle". He also enjoys reading,
car races, and knife collecting. But most
important of all, we share the same experience
with Jesus Christ. We dated for 7 years before
saying "I do". He is often teased about being
like Jacob who worked 7 years for his wife only
to be betrayed into marrying another woman. But
thats another story! God put us together, and thankfully,
God keeps us together.

Click below to meet "Peg" and "Bly"! Two injured eagles that we have met in real life. These great birds could not survive in the wild so they are carefully cared for at Reelfoot Lake State Park in TN. You will also find more pics and eagle information here.

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July '99

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